Curtis J. Phillips (3-0) wins by forfeit over the Road Warriors (1-2)

The Road Warriors only had two players show up thus CJP won by forfeit. The rest of their team showed up at 8PM believing that was their start time.


"Tonight was the saddest moment in Curtis J. Phillips Basketball. We came to play an officiated game of city league basketball but were not able to do so." - CJP general manager and player Daniel Sondreal

"LET THEM PLAY! LET THEM PLAY! LET THEM PLAY!" - Mike and Kelly Leak, Bad News Bears

Game Notes

In 19 sessions of city league basketball this was the first time CJP won by forfeit.


Curtis J. Phillips (2-0) slays The Travelers (0-2) 89-35

Game Notes

CJP center Brandon Whightsil sat out the game due to plantar fasciitis. CJP alternate Jason Holzmueller filled in for him.

Individual Leaders

Points: Jim Hammen - 21pts, Mario Thomas - 17pts, Cody Isbell - 15pts, Jason Holzmueller - 10pts, Daniel Sondreal - 9pts, Matt Donnelly - 9pts, Mike Logan - 8pts

Assists: Mike Logan - 9asts, Jim Hammen - 4asts, Daniel Sondreal - 4asts, Mario Thomas - 4asts, Jason Holzmueller - 4asts, Matt Donnelly - 2asts, Cody Isbell - 2asts


Curtis J. Phillips (1-0) handles The John Denver Experience (0-1) 72-56

Game Notes

CJP is now 2-1 all-time versus The John Denver Experience. CJP is now 16-3 all-time in season openers. CJP Fan Attendance: 3

Individual Leaders

Points: Mario Thomas - 20pts, Jim Hammen - 12pts, Daniel Sondreal - 10pts, Mike Logan - 10pts, Cody Isbell - 10pts, Matt Donnelly - 6pts, Brandon Whightsil - 4pts

Assists: Mario Thomas - 7asts, Mike Logan - 4asts, Daniel Sondreal - 3asts, Jim Hammen - 3asts, Matt Donnelly - 3asts, Cody Isbell - 1ast


Spring 2014 season starts April 1.

Curtis J. Phillips Basketball's quest for their fourth Spring championship and seventh overall championship begins April 1, 2014 in Lawrence, KS. Locations, times, and opponents have yet to be announced but should be available shortly. Until then take care and thank you for supporting Curtis J. Phillips Basketball.


Curtis J. Phillips (5-2) dethroned by Pippin Ain't Easy (6-1) 51-58

Game Notes

CJP is now 11-7 all-time in season finales. Noah Martin filled in for Jamie Wilson and recorded the game. CJP Fan Attendance: 6

Individual Leaders

Points: Mario Thomas - 23pts, Mike Logan - 10pts, Cody Isbell - 9pts, Jim Hammen - 6pts, Matt Donnelly - 3pts

Assists: Matt Donnelly - 3asts, Mike Logan - 3asts, Mario Thomas - 2asts, Daniel Sondreal - 1ast


Curtis J. Phillips (5-1) rebuffs The Dawgs (3-3) 58-55

Game Notes

CJP forward Jim Hammen missed the game due to being in St. Louis, MO. CJP is now 12-9 all-time versus The Dawgs.

Individual Leaders

Points: Mario Thomas - 16pts, Mike Logan - 14pts, Cody Isbell - 11pts, Brandon Whightsil - 6pts, Matt Donnelly - 6pts, Daniel Sondreal - 5pts

Assists: Mike Logan - 3asts, Matt Donnelly - 2asts, Mario Thomas - 2asts, Daniel Sondreal - 1ast, Brandon Whightsil - 1ast